Part 5: Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (My Nuts, Bro)

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PREVIOUSLY:  How do you sum up what has been some of the hardest fought, most brutal wrestling in just a few words?  Joey Nux and Drew Harper have bombarded each other with bearhugs, body slams, leg scissors and sleeper holds repeatedly in an attempt to defeat their opponent.  All it has done is served to bring them to this final part.  The dessert in what has been a fantastic wrestling meal.  The two have punched and counterpunched each other through 4 incredible parts and now it is time to decide a winner once and for all.  But how?
When one decides to deliver a low blow, it becomes obvious that the final segment will be a ball bash.  Low blows, boots to the crotch, nut claws are the order of the day as both Nux and Harper have decided, enough is enough, a winner must finally be crowned.  Both will find themselves squirming on the mat holding their nuts as blow after devastating blow are delivered.  One of the two does finally stand as victorious, his boot on the chest of his laid out opponent, who now has to go lick his wounds, having given his all for more than 60 minutes total with nothing in the end to show for it.
As we finish our delicious meal, it will be up to you to decide which portion you enjoyed the most, the appetizer with the the bearhugs, the main courses of body slams, leg scissors or sleeper holds, or the dessert with the ball bash.  I am not sure I could pick a favorite myself, like the best meals they all work in combination with one another to deliver a total experience unlike any other.  The one thing I am sure of, these will leave your wrestling palette wanting more!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 12 minutes, 25 seconds

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