How do I save files to my iPhone, iPad or iOS product?
Check out this helpful video -


How To Download Your Files By Logging Into Your Account? 

  • Login here:
  • You'll see a list of your Order History
  • Click the link for your order number
  • Click the Download Your Files button for each product
  • You'll be taken to a second screen with download links to download your files


How To Download Using Your Confirmation E-Mail?

When you purchase one of our MP4s, you will see a "Thank You" page that includes a colored button labeled: "DOWNLOAD YOUR DIGITAL FILES."

If you miss that, you will also receive 2 emails from us instantly: one is a receipt email and the other is a confirmation email with download links. In the confirmation email you’ll see the product name followed by this statement: "You can download your digital products from" and a link. Click that link, and then Click EVERY Download button to get all of your files. 


Can I hire my favorite wrestler?
Most likely. I've helped set up many "Pro versus Joe" wrestling sessions as well as many web chats & phone calls. 


Do you make custom videos?
Heck yeah! Tell me what your ultimate fantasy is and I'll see what I can do about making it happen.


Can I purchase more than one (1) video at a time?
Yes, just simply continue your shopping and add each item to the cart before completing your checkout.


My password will not work...
Make sure you have entered the correct email and password combo. All passwords are case sensitive.


Could not download my purchase...
Shoot me an email and I'll help resolve this.


Can I buy specific gear that I saw in a match?
Yes, you can. Simply shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss this memorabilia. Or check out the "GEAR" page in the navigation menu.


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