Part 4: Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Sleepers)

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PREVIOUSLY:  So far in the Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper match we have seen a different hold focused in each of the separate parts.  What began as bearhugs quickly turned to body slams which then escalated to leg scissors in the last part.  With each segment the body part focused on to absorb the pain has changed as well, from the back, to the ribs and the head.  What do we have in store for our next to the last segment?  A heaping helping of sleeper holds is part of our main course this time around, and boy, do the pair deliver!
Whether it is the traditonal sleeper from behind or the more advanced cobra clutch, Nux and Harper find new and inventive ways to put their opponent to sleep.  In most instances they release just before the other is about to go totally out, because neither seems satisfied with achieving a final and decisive win just yet.  Apparently, they each have more punishment in store for their opponent, and they are happy to keep them conscious (if not a bit groggy) to make sure they get the opportunity to dish out even more.
We are entering the final stretch in this match, with just the dessert in our meal left.  Will either man be left standing by the conclusion?  The toll this is taking on the pair is obvious.  With each also being almost put to sleep, it certainly does not help their ability to think clearly or act as sharply as they normally would.  I don't know about you, but after having see the first 4 parts of this match, I can only imagine what Nux and Harper have in store for the final and decisive part!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 12 minutes, 54 seconds

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Brian Comeau
Sleeper mean sleep 💤

Few knockouts but …I don’t like when it says sleeper match and they let go before the Muscles are in La La land 💤 great physiques and great acting skills 💪 more sleepers please!


I really enjoyed the sleeperholds these two used on each other!! Hope to see more sleeperhold matches soon!!


Disappointing exchange of a sleepers match. It was advertised as sleepers and cobra clutches yet we do not see Joey receive a cobra clutch. Far too rushed, no verbal interaction either. I would love to see a proper sleepers match with Joey and Drew that was scripted out far better than this.

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