Part 3: Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Headscissors & Bodyscissors)

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PREVIOUSLY:  We have seen the beginnings of the incredible match between Joey Nux and Drew Harper.  In Part 1, Joey and Drew traded bearhugs and headlocks. and in Part 2, although Drew did get in a body slam or two, it was Joey who relentlessly body slammed Drew and then threw him over his knew for killer backbreakers.  By the end of the 2nd part, Drew was a broken mess laying in the ring.  Can he rebound and bring the goods back against the big man Joey Nux?
The main course of this 5-part match moves from body slams to leg scissors, and no part of their opponents body is spared being squashed between this pairs powerful thighs.  Joey has thighs the size of tree trunks, and when Drew's head is placed unceremoniously between them, you can almost feel the pressure being applied to his temples from the big man's muscles.  Drew is not without some rather well toned thighs himself though, and he uses them to perfection squeezing Joey's ribs and also getting them into a figure four around the head of the bigger, Nux, causing him to tap out or go out.
We are at the half way point in the match and the pair are dripping in so much sweat it looks like they have just come out of a pool.  Neither wrestler is willing to give in and give the final victory to the other though.  We have 2 more parts of our menu left, I can just imagine what the two have in store for each other.  There is certainly a level of respect between the two, but more than that, a genuine desire to make their opponent tap out for good so they can be declared the victor.  Having worked so hard through the first three parts of this match, neither combatant will be satisfied with anything less than total victory.
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 12 minutes, 1 second

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