Part 2: Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Bodyslams & Backbreakers)

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PREVIOUSLY:  Joey Nux and Drew began their marathon match with an appetizer for all the viewers, a menu of bearhugs and headlocks that caused each opponent to submit several times.  But that was just the start of the meal, the best parts still await you and in Part 2.
We are served up another helping of devastating ring moves, with the focus being on Drew's back.  Joey takes delight in making sure that Drew feels every move made against him, to the point where one has to wonder how Drew is even able to even stand.
Body slams and over the knee backbreakers are the 2nd course in this meal, and although Drew does manage to get Joey up once or twice for a body slam, it is the huge mountain of a man Joey Nux who delivers 80% of the punishment with body slam after body slam and back breaker after backbreaker.  At time, I had to ask myself how Drew didn't just snap in half over the enormously large knees of Joey Nux.  Drew submits again and again, moaning in pain as his lower back is put through its paces.
But you know what, this is just Part 2!  And there are 3 more parts, surely Drew can rally back against the big man?  We better hope so, or by the end of this series there may not be enough of Drew Harper to scrape up off the mat!  A lopsided segment of their incredible contest, if you enjoy seeing Drew slammed to the mat again and again, all for Joey's pleasure, then this particular entry will be the one you are looking for.  My only question?  What's next on the menu?
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 11 minutes, 52 seconds

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