Part 1: Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper (Bearhugs & Headlocks)

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What's better than a Joey Nux and Drew Harper match?  How about a 5-part Joey Nux and Drew Harper match! 
These two muscled studs went at it HARD! So much so, I couldn't contain it to a single video, but had to separate it into 5 hard fought incredible sections. 
The duo start off just stretching and getting ready for the match until they decide it is time to go at one another full speed.  A couple feats of strength eventually turn into a serious headlock and one of the combatants is forced to submit for the first fall.
One good headlock deserves another, however and soon the falls are all even.  It is not long before both of these physically fit individuals are dripping with sweat, and a devastating bearhug turns the tables and notches another submission.  Bearhugs and headlocks are exchanged, bodies are tortured, ribs are strained in their vise-likes grips of these two W4H veterans.  Fall upon fall are won as each is able to make their opponent submit to their devastating holds.
With neither individual able to score a final, decisive victory over the other, is soon becomes obvious that a single video will not be sufficient to hold all these two have to offer.  The good news is that you get to see them continue their mutual onslaught in more parts of this winning video.  Part  1 is just the appetizer, the main course and dessert are yet to come!!!  And you will be the one who wins when you get to feast on each of the meals courses!  A truly winning start to a great W4H series of videos!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 14 minutes, 13 seconds

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