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Super Lad vs. Dr. ManiacalSuper Lad vs. Dr. Maniacal
Cameron vs. Topher DiMaggio (My Nuts, Bro)Cameron vs. Topher DiMaggio (My Nuts, Bro)
Travis vs. Joey NuxTravis vs. Joey Nux
Travis vs. Joey Nux
Sale price$22.95 USD
1 review
Travis vs. Scrappy (Bedroom Battle)Travis vs. Scrappy (Bedroom Battle)
Chace LaChance vs. Rolf Fulton (Halloween)Chace LaChance vs. Rolf Fulton (Halloween)
Drago vs. ColtDrago vs. Colt
Drago vs. Colt
Sale price$24.95 USD
3 reviews
Joey Nux vs. DragoJoey Nux vs. Drago
Joey Nux vs. Drago
Sale price$22.95 USD
3 reviews
Sidekick Scrappy vs. Silver SerpentSidekick Scrappy vs. Silver Serpent
Baron Badcock vs. The RipperBaron Badcock vs. The Ripper
Mental Mind vs. Crimson FuryMental Mind vs. Crimson Fury
Super Soldier vs. Silver SerpentSuper Soldier vs. Silver Serpent
Steel Man vs. Steel BoySteel Man vs. Steel Boy
Steel Man vs. Cerebral ShadowSteel Man vs. Cerebral Shadow
Sidekick Scrappy vs. Dr. HypnoSidekick Scrappy vs. Dr. Hypno
Mental Mind vs. Golden GuardianMental Mind vs. Golden Guardian
Z-Man vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)Z-Man vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)
Steel Man vs. Krypto CrunchSteel Man vs. Krypto Crunch
Steel Boy vs. TsunamiSteel Boy vs. Tsunami
Steel Boy vs. Tsunami
Sale price$22.95 USD
1 review
Super Soldier vs. The EyeSuper Soldier vs. The Eye
Steel Man vs. Professor ZSteel Man vs. Professor Z

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