Z-Man vs. Gabe Steele (My Nuts, Bro)

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The powerful and versatile Gabe Steele - for all his strut and size - is deep down inside just a kid obsessed with quality wrestling vids. He’s the ultimate fanboy currently living his dream in the ring and on the mat, so when an opportunity to take on a legend like Zman comes along...he’s beaming with pride and joy, you can see it in his face. Kinda warms your heart, doesn’t it? Too bad Zman’s pride seems to be a little off center. As he boasts and brags, giving love to the camera...the fanboy becomes a fanFREAK!

Gabe snaps a selfie with Zman, then grinds his fist into his balls, pulls his hair, pounds his abs, and crushes his package with his boot! Turns out Gabe’s obsession with Zman comes down to one thing and one thing only...wanting to make him hurt!

Suddenly Zman’s upside down in the ropes, that boot back in his junk as the blood rushes to his head. Gabe grabs a heaping helping of Zman’s balls and claws them until the old pro is completely weakened and writing on the floor in his pink speedos.

“We’re not done yet…” whispers Gabe. For a superfan, this punishment session has got to last!

Run time: 20 minutes, 29 seconds

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