Super Lad vs. Dr. Maniacal

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The absolutely insane Dr. Maniacal has finally captured his nemesis, the sexy super hero Super Lad! He carries him into to his Evil Lair and immediately begins his bad ass beat down of the young hero! Choking him with his own cape, while putting his beautiful torso on display, which lets all of us see his amazing abs and perfect pecs. He follows this up with an atomic wedgie up Super Lad’s ass, before making him kiss his boots!

The Evil Doctor maylook crazy, but he knows his wrestling moves and he unleashes his arsenal on Super Lad. Back breakers, crabs, camel clutches and lots more at lightning speed, leave the young hero dazed and confused! But THAT is just the beginning of his evil plan! 

He holds the hero up against his torture rack, puts his magic goggles on and hypnotizes Super Lad, leaving him totally in his horrible control! 

He demands Super Lad show off his super muscle, and he complies beautifully, running his buff arms down his body, moaning in pleasure as he touches his abs, pinches his nipples and rubbing his hands all over his own beautiful butt! This sends Dr. Maniacal into a frenzy, forcing our hero to bend over and take a super spanking followed by a wedgie that almost sends Super Lad up, up and away! 

This comic adventure is probably one of the sexiest videos you will ever see. Dr. Maniacal lives up to his name, humiliating our sexy Super Lad in ways you’ve never even thought about. Like forcing the Lad to be a chair for the Villain to sit on when he needs a break. Ball torture, muscle worship, bondage ropes, and more and more and more! Super Lad isn’t going to doing many heroic deeds for awhile... except giving us a show you’ll NEVER forget. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 27 seconds

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