Cameron vs. Topher DiMaggio (My Nuts, Bro)

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This might be the single hottest match I’ve ever been in. It should come as no surprise that Topher DiMaggio has made a name for himself as an erotic wrestler. The raven haired muscle stud exudes sensuality with every move he makes. We face off in thin speedos and boots, two brawlers with equally built bodies and deep mutual respect. Let’s see how messy this one can get! 

Within seconds it’s clear how focused on victory each of us is. Trash talk is breathless, grunted, and full of seething, stormy anger. The tactics are smaller, meaner, and rougher. We grapple, pinch, pull hair, slap, and grab each others balls and shafts with very real pressure. The camera moves in close to show every clenched fist, every punished package, every deep and painful wedgie. There are no fake-outs or staged ball busts here. What you’re seeing is real pressure, real pain, real closed fists and clawing fingers. 

Soon we’re both dripping with sweat, and exchanging tests of strength in a frighteningly even powerplay. Topher sits back hard on my chest, attempting to attack my balls. I roll him over and dig my fingers in deep, the camera sliding up between Topher’s thighs to reveal his beaten balls and crushed crotch. We go at each other’s packages so hard, you can really see the twisting, massaging, crushing, and clobbering up close. Sweat strewn heads are thrown back in agony, and two twisted fighters leave almost nothing to the imagination in this exotic, verging on erotic humiliation session. 

We go from mutual respect to full on hatred, then back to respect, as our sweat mingles, asses are used to pin, and faces are forced into boots. If you like cheap shots, low blows, wedgies, spanking, sweat, and steam...this is the match you’ll watch again and again. 

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 57 seconds

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