Super Soldier vs. The Eye

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Handsome Super Soldier (Joey Nux) awakens in a dingy cell with no memory of how he came to be there! Hindered by strange silvery chains that seem to drain his strength, he is menaced by the appearance of a muscular new villain with a terrifying third eye! Mind control is his game, as the Eye commands the hero to go to town on his nipples. Super Soldier is ordered to un-hinder himself, removing his chains, only to command the hero to strip away his clothes, revealing the exquisite body of a true hero. 

Super Soldier’s red gloved hand grips the villain’s nipple, stretching the skin and making the demented bad guy throw his head back in pain and pleasure. 

“You’re mine…” whispers the villain. “My toy. Mine…” 

Soldier is forced to his knees by the overwhelming power of the menacing villain, his muscular, freckled back flexing and contorting in pain. He is raised up by his hair, forced to flex, veins popping, sweat starting to drip. Super Soldier is ordered to crush his own balls and admit that he’s the villain’s doggy. He’s even forced to bark, walk, and be petted. And it’s only the start...

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 55 seconds

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