Sidekick Scrappy vs. Dr. Hypno

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Sidekick Scrappy is unconscious and tied and chained to a table, wearing only a mask and tiny yellow (well packed) thong, unable to defend himself against anything. Which of us hasn’t dreamed about getting this gorgeous hunk in such a predicament? The fun we could have! But we digress. Dr. Hypno has a reputation as being one of the meanest guys around, so we are confident he’s not going to go easy on Sexy Sidekick Scrappy. This won’t be pretty.

The first order for Sidekick is to torture his own balls with squeezing and slapping. We’d be happy to do that for him, but the boss keeps us locked in the office and doesn’t allow us such fun. Sidekick is ordered to stand and flex. Not only are we treated to some very sexy posing of all those rippling muscles, we also get a great view of that well packed thong. Trust me, there’s precious little left to the imagination. We are also given views of that perfect ass.

Dr. Hypno can’t resist an opportunity to be cruel and gives some serious cheap shot to that ample package. Forced to walk like a dog, kiss Dr. Hypno’s feet, do splits, squeeze his balls, squeeze his nipples, smack his ass, slap his face, and choke himself further degrade our sexy stud. Dr. Hypno is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Not only does he derive pleasure from seeing others suffer, he puts them in a trance and makes them do it to themselves.

Sidekick Scrappy is demeaned at the hands of this ruthless villain. As if he hasn’t been cruel enough, he once again ties and chains the sidekick to the table before leaving. We need a hero experienced in hypnotism to put Dr. Hypno through some of his own degrading tasks.

Total Run-Time: 24 minutes, 43 seconds

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Give me a turn

Luv to control mind & body of sexy Scrappy. He is hot! Mind you I’d be more hands on with his superb body.

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