X-Mas 2021 - Bundle

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X-Mas 2021 (Part 1) - Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper

X-Mas 2021 (Part 2) - Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper

In the festive Wrestle4Hire setting, Joey Nux and Drew Harper kick off Christmas morning with a gift exchange. However, their friendly gesture turns into a holiday-themed wrestling match where each submission earns the victor the chance to unwrap a present, transforming ordinary items into tools for their intense battle. As they grapple, the gifts—ranging from baby oil to rope and clothespins—add both pain and surprise to their escalating struggle, with each win leading to more layers of clothing shed and more agony dished out using the gifts at hand.

The match evolves into an escalating competition, combining danger, humiliation, and unexpected moments, including an outfit that pushes Drew's embarrassment to new heights. Amidst this chaos, the contest swings between potential victories for both Drew and Joey, culminating in a climactic finish. This video promises an exhilarating, gift-filled showdown showcasing Santa's unique contributions and featuring two muscular wrestlers in an adrenaline-pumping holiday battle.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 41 minutes, 47 seconds 

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