X-Mas 2021 (Part 1): Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper

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It's Christmastime in the Wrestle4Hire stable and the halls have been decked!  The W4H Christmas tree is up and there are gifts galore under it.  Joey Nux and Drew Harper are up early on Christmas morning and Drew gives Joey the gift he got him.  When Joey starts to open his gift, Drew asks, "Did you get me one?"  Joey then hands Drew a gift and as he starts to open it, the two decided to have a holiday wrestle off, where the winner of a submission gets to open their gift first.  Soon, Drew's head is gripped tightly between Joey's huge thighs and the first gift goes to Joey.  When Joey opens his gift, it is a bottle of baby oil.  Santa must have known just what the pair had asked for for Christmas.

The "win a fall-open a gift" theme continues, with Drew scoring the next win and his getting to oil up Joey, but also getting the next gift, a gift which gives him a decided advantage in the match.  A gift which helps to deliver pain to Joey the likes of which he has rarely experienced.  And just as the duo are getting gifts, through the course of the match, they are also losing layers of clothing as the match progresses, from their flannel panta and wife beater down to just a pair of tighty whities.  More submissions are made, more gifts are opened, more clothes removed and more pain is dished out using the gifts supplied by each wrestler.

Santa may have a list of naughty and nice, but in the video, everyone is little naughty with the gifts.  I looks to me like all of the W4H viewers have been VERY good this year, because Santa brought you all what you have been asking for all year, two hard bodied, barely clothed individuals, using toys and gifts (some making their first appearance in a W4H video) to deliver pain and punishment to each other.  And the best part of this gift?  It's actually only half your gift, there are more gifts to be opened in Part 2 of this Christmas tale!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 31 seconds

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