X-Mas 2021 (Part 2): Joey Nux vs. Drew Harper

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Our playtime at Christmastime bout between Joey Nux and Drew Harper continues.  If you followed the first half, you know that after each submission, the winner got to open another gift.  And each gift was something the winner could use in the match,  So far we have seen baby oil, rope, clothespins, a cookie time and a extended grabber all be used.  At the same time, as each gift has delivered more pain, each individual has had less to wear, to where we start this part with each wrestler donning a thong.
Not only do the gifts get more dangerous for the two combatants, but they also get more humiliating.  To tell you that in this match you will see Drew forced to wear something that you have never seen in a W4H video would be an understatement.  It is perhaps the most humiliating thing that has ever occurred to him, and we are the benefactors of being able to see it.  There are more knockouts and gift opening, but as always happens in these types of videos, someone must come out the eventual victor.
Drew has been subjected to a lot of torture during this match, but in the end, does he manage to turn the tables on Joey and notch the final win?  Or does Joey continue his ways and take his victory to the eventual end?  I will say this, all of you must have been VERY nice this year for Santa to bring you this match.  It is one that you get to open time and time again (and I know you will) whenever you feel like watching two very muscular, hard bodied individuals.  Make sure you send a thank you note to Santa for this one!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME  18 minutes, 16 seconds

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Andy Trevisan

This second half was busier. It was sensual, snappy, brilliant. The tortures had purpose and sharpened the interest of those who watch. Both men were impeccable in their roles: either destructive ACTIVE or submissive passive.

Fun Battle of Joey Nux

I always love joey nux battle even his groan is exciting to hear. Its a funny event although I will say its lacking the ball torturw for Joey Nux. It just really charming everytime he get ballbusted

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