Max Ryder vs. Drew Harper (Chase for the Championship)

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The Tournament to determine the W4H champion and gain possession of the newly minted W4H belt continues in this matchup between Max Ryder and Drew Harper. 
Similar in height and weight, I feel the ring skills give Drew a slight edge.  Drew has shown a more aggressiveness than he has in the past. Perhaps this comes from his gaining more experience and being more sure of himself inside the squared circle.  Either way, both of these individuals are hungry to show they have what it takes to hold the the W4H championship!
The tournament rules are simple, 5 rounds of 5 minutes each, and 2 submission or pins, or a knockout, wins the bout.  Drew is looking cagey in his leopard print trunks, and Max has chosen some All-American blue trunks with white stars.  The pair are almost advertising their philosophy they will take during the match.  Drew definitely seems as though he is on the prowl, busting out some suplexes and an abdominal stretch to weaken Max before he goes for the kill.
Max for his account does what he usually does, nothing flashy, but just continually coming at his opponent, grinding and wearing them down until he is able to gather the pin.  Both individuals manage to notch a win and so that leaves only a 3rd and final pin or a knockout to decide the victor.  But who will come out on the winning side?  Both definitely have quite a following in the underground wrestling world, and neither will be happy with just "giving it their best shot".  It takes a piledriver to final put the stake through one of the two and we have our winner standing, posing with the belt?  But is it Max or Drew?  You'll have to watch to find out!
Total running time:  23 minutes, 46 seconds

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