Cameron vs. Javier The Hunk (Chase for the Championship)

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The W4H championship tournament continues, this time with the Champ, Cameron taking on newcomer, Javier the Hunk.  Javier may be new, but he has an impressive physique in his red singlet.  There is just one glaring problem, Cameron is at least a foot taller than Javier, and as any grappler can tell you, any inch you give up to your opponent is something that will surely get used against you.  The only defense against a taller, bigger opponent?  Keep them on the mat as much as possible where their height advantage is neutralized.  
Cameron doesn't allow that. In the early stages of the match, anytime the two are paired on the mat, Cameron seems to be in charge of the smaller Javier.  The Champ manages to throw Javier around the ring, stretch him into ways a body should not be stretched, haul him over his shoulders in a devastating backbreaker and virtually any other maneuver he can think of to put a world of hurt on the smaller Javier.  But with each move, Javier manages to bounce back and be right in the face of the Champ.
To win a tournament match you have to either pin your opponent twice or knock them out within the five rounds of five minutes each.  Cameron easily snags the first pinfall but in somewhat of an upset, Javier surprises the Greatest Story Ever Told with a second pinfall nab.  That leaves it up to a third and final pin, or a knockout.  Will Javier stun the Champ one more time and take this bout?  Or will Cameron be able to flex his substantial professional wrestling skills and move on in the tournament?  You'll have to watch to find out.  A great match with some classic pro wrestling moves!
Total running time:  24 minutes, 24 seconds

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