Daddy Texas vs. Chase Sinn (Chase For The Championship)

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The Chase For The W4H Championship continues! And who better to compete in the championship chase than the man himself "Chase" Sinn.  Against a much taller Daddy Texas, Chase has every confidence.  Chase is quite an accomplished wrestler, not intimidated by well-defined "newbie" Daddy Texas, combining hold after devastating hold trying to squeeze out a submission from the big man. But Daddy Texas is not one to give up easily.
The first round ends with no pinfalls or submissions, the pair retreat to their respective corners and as soon as the bell sounds for round 2 Chase is once more quickly upon the big man, bending him and twisting him in ways I am sure he has never been.  And yet all Daddy Texas can say is "No!" whenever Chase yells at him to give up.  A second round passes without a pinfall or submission, and then a 3rd passes and one has to wonder, can Daddy Texas simply outlast the ring veteran and score an unexpected pinfall or submission of his own?
It is not until the 4th round that a submission finally occurs, as one wrestler is caught in the vice-like grip of his opponents tremendous thighs.  With air quickly being something the wrestler is having difficulty obtaining, he eventually succumbs to the move and taps out.  But you must score two pinfalls to win a Chase For The Championship and in the final round a series of crushing DDTs send one person to the next round victorious, and the other lying face down in the middle of the ring, unconscious.  But which is which?  Will Chase's experience be the deciding factor or does Daddy Texas outlast the ring veteran and notch his first W4H victory?  You'll have to watch to find out.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  26 minutes, 38 seconds
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