Gabe Steele vs. Joey Nux (Chase for the Championship)

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The rules of the W4H Championship tournament are simple: 5 rounds of 5 minutes each, and the wrestler who first notches 2 pinfalls or 1 knock out is declared the winner and moves on in the tournament.  Two of the larger entrants face off across the squared circle this time in Joey Nux and Gabe Steele.  Neither is used to giving an inch to their opponent, or in being manhandled by any other person they have been in a ring with.  So when both come out and start delivering punishing blows to one another, this is new territory for the pair.
If you have never seen Joey Nux raised in a choke hold, or placed on someone's shoulders for a fireman's carry, then this is the video for you.  You will see Joey thrown around the ring, stretched and clawed in ways that he has seldom been stretched and clawed, and tied in the ropes for Gabe to have his way with his abs.  Likewise, Gabe finds that he is in a battle the likes of which he has seldom seen, having to absorb and try and defend against a power onslaught from Joey that seems unrelenting.
There are attempts at pins, but did anyone really think that either of these ring veterans would willingly let their opponent pint them?  Kickouts before the count of 3 occur and so the only way this will be decided is when one individual is knocked out, a 10 count applied.  But will it be Gabe who goes to dreamland at the hands of the brutal Nux?  Or will Joey finally feel the power of an opponent strong enough to send his to unconsciousness through sheer force?  You'll have to watch to find out!!!
Total running time:  30 minutes, 13 seconds

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