W4H Max Closed, Busy Beaver and Post-Shoot Hot Tub Fun

As I lay here listening to Jim Croce and Van Morrison play the soundtrack of my work evening. Well, actually very late. It’s  2:30am. I’ve spent the workday adding videos to Wrestler4Hire, editing endless photos and editing 28 matches from last week, plus a few miscellaneous tasks.

I rarely know how I’m going to start these blogs, so I typically jump to whatever is in the forefront of my mind. Tonight, that is W4H Max. Earlier today, I shut down the W4H Max site and finished transferring the videos to Wrestler4Hire. I’ve been mulling it over for a few weeks and finally decided that all the videos/matches can just fit on the Wrestler4Hire “brand.” It’s now on this site, so take a peek if you haven’t yet.

Now you might be thinking: “what about recently purchased downloads/streams?”
Well, if you have any issues and need me to adjust any recent purchases, shoot me an email and I promise to fix it for you. As well, I’ve moved the W4H Max credits to the appropriate Wrestler4Hire User Accounts and added a few credits to make up for any inconvenience.

I produced/directed/filmed/etc/etc/etc a few more “adventurous” videos/matches back a month or so ago. Those will be available via the mailing list, so make sure you are signed up for that. In the very near future, you’ll get exclusive access to naked men wrestling and more.

Right now, I want to focus on what I do well…and you know that’s the actual wrestling aspect of these videos. You can certainly found more “adult” stuff elsewhere and I believe I should excel where the others tend to lag. In the ring and on the mat.

I’ve also decided to stop production on Jock Tickle. It takes too much focus and energy to run that many sites and I don’t feel I can do it justice. With that said, I’ll produce the occasional wrestling video with some tickling. Sorry for leading anyone on. It wasn’t my intentions…and I certainly could’ve found some use for the $5000+ I spent on the videos and website on this (currently) abandoned idea.

In the last week, I’ve done 2 shoots: Monday & Friday. Both days were long AND productive. Lots of great matches. The shoots have recently been slow starting and that can get frustrating. It’s worth it when things start coming together and everyone gets comfortable with one another.

Monday’s shoot was Hero Hunks & Pro Wrestling. Definitely had fun with the guys. Chace LaChance, Ethan Andrews & Scrappy all flew in to come play. I had a few locals around including Gabe Steele & Jaxton Wheeler. I even got in the ring and put Scrappy through the ringer with all kinds of power moves including countless piledrivers!

Had 4 cancellations. Seems to be more common lately. Two of the guys said they were on their way. People can be odd.

Friday was a little smoother but Braden Charron ended up stuck in Orlando and couldn’t make the shoot. However, Z-Man, Nick Sparx, Joey Nux, Daxx Carter and a couple new guys made it. We shot all kinds of pro stuff then went to my buddies place for a little hot tub and drinking. Was a fun and relaxing way to end a long week of wrestling. That’s all I can say about that.  

Today, I booked my flight to Los Angeles. I’ll be there January 24th to 28th. On January 28th, my buddies and I are filming. So far I have the following guys confirmed: Nathan FX, AJ Irons, Topher Dimaggio, Joey Nux, Lucky Larsen and a stud from NYC. I’m waiting on a couple more wrestlers but I’m expecting a fun day shooting. Hoping I can talk Cali Boy into doing some matches.

Do you think I should bring Chace LaChance out to LA for this shoot?

I plan to do some private wrestling sessions while I’m out there, so shoot me an email (info@wrestler4hire.com) if you wanna chat about setting something up. I don’t have a ton of time, since I’ve already scheduled a fair amount of action for myself, but we may be able to squeeze something in.

Shortly after my Los Angeles trip, I’m heading to Boston for another shoot.

Here’s the current line-up for that:

Max Quivers will also be in the house. May grab another couple wrestlers for this shoot, but I don’t want it to get too crowded, so we’ll see.

As usual, please email me with any ideas, suggestions or custom videos you have in mind for this shoot, info@wrestler4hire.com

I sent my own money along with your donations to the GoFundMe for the Heating Oil Fund in my “hometown” (area). I sent a nice check into the necessary folks to distribute and they were very thankful for the kindness. I appreciate you supporting me in these ventures and making a difference in a place where a little can go a long way. Thank you!

It’s after 3am now and I’m going to finish editing these photos, so I can go to bed before sunrise.  Zzzzzzzzz…….

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