Oops…I did it again

I don’t know where to start this blog post…maybe at the most recent item I wanted to discuss and the reason for this posts title…or perhaps I’d be better off talking about my trip home for the holidays and fun I had while there.

Let’s start at the most important item. I was going through footage from the shoot I did on December 27th in Boston. The footage looked great. The matches were very good. The guys and I had a blast filming them. It was like our own little Holiday Party with a wrestling ring as center stage.

I get home to Florida and am going through the footage, excited to edit and upload to the site. What is the white noise on the video? Maybe I can edit it out. So I increase the volume on the clip. Oh no! This looks familiar. My suspicions haven’t been fully confirmed (as I am awaiting a response from Jonny Firestorm), but I am fairly certain that I forgot to hook up an external mic on my friend’s camera. That’s right 14 action-packed matches with no grunting or groaning or loud slams on the canvas.


I am already working on scheduling a re-shoot. But I don’t know what I’m going to do with the videos without audio. The matches were good.

And I thought the themes were done well. We did:
“Sleepers & Cobra Clutches”
“Pro Power Moves”
“Gutbash/Ab Attack”
and a couple “Pros Up-close”

What do you think I should do with them? Would you be interested in videos without audio? At a severely discounted rate, of course!

So I’ll probably make the drive up to Boston from Florida. A long 20 hour trek to the frozen north where I’ll be doing the similar matches. This time with the grunts & groans. Right now, I am hoping to get everything set up for early February, which should work out great as I’ll be able to catch my old high school wrestling team for a practice or two…or at the very least check them out in some tournament matches.

The roster will be something like this…

Early February – Boston, MA – ROSTER
-Garrett Thomas
-Elite Eliot
-Chet Chastain
-Tyler Royce
-Guido Genatto
-Flash LaCash
-Channing (pictured up)
-Braden Charron
-Cam Zagucci

Please, if you want a custom video, please, please, do so

It’s a long, long drive…and I think I’ve taken every route. To fly would make sense, but I have so much stuff that I travel with: a photo camera, speedos, boots, kneepads, other accessories and this time I’ll bring my own video camera so I can’t mess it up (hopefully).

I’ve got another shoot coming up this Monday then I’ll be finalizing things for Los Angeles. I’d like to keep LA’s shoot smaller than normal, but I have a hard time keeping things small. We’ll see what I round up for guys. I’ll try to blog about it in a week or two when things are set in stone.

January 7th – Tampa, FL – ROSTER
-Chace LaChance
-Cal Bennett
-Ricky Vegas
-Ethan Axel Andrews
-Gabe Steele
-New Guy, Graham Varnett
-Jaxton Wheeler
-Jaxton Wheeler Friend (Super Jacked)
-Matty O’Boy
-Nick Justice

We’ll be doing a HeroHunks.com shoot then sneaking back to my place to shoot some W4H Max and Wrestler4Hire matches in the ring. I may even step into the ring if I can shed a couple holiday pounds. I’d like to face Scrappy & Chace LaChance. Maybe finally shut up Matty O’Boy, who keeps trash talking me via text and social media about how he looks forward to embarrassing me in a match.

If you’d like a custom video to be added to the shoot schedule, send me an email info@wrestler4hire.com

Regarding my trip home for the holidays. It went very well. Saw just about everyone of my immediate family members: my grandma, mom, sister, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins and a bunch of my friends while I was home. Actually was warmer than usual, except the day that my buddies and I went ice fishing. Brrrrrrr. No fish were caught, but the view was beautiful.

Before I forget, I’d like to thank everyone that sent me a holiday greeting, card or gift. Thank you very much. I appreciate the gesture and the time involved. I hope you had a great holiday and I think 2019 will be the best year yet. Hopefully for everyone!

I’m off to bed early, but look forward to hearing from you regarding what you think I should do with the videos that do not have audio.

Oh yeah, THANK YOU for making the holiday sales so successful. I wanted to start 2019 with fresh videos and I felt you may have been postponing some purchases because of the costs. Hope you enjoyed the matches you’ve seen!

Alright…Nighty night

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