Has it really been this long?

Wow! It’s been over a month since I’ve done a blog post. Lots of stuff has happened since January.

Had a nice shoot in Los Angeles…well, it was actually Orange County. Found a lot of new guys out West and I’ll definitely be bringing them back. The day was extremely busy, so I wasn’t able to grab any photos on my phone and I’m working on “watermarking” the ones I took with my real camera later on tonight or tomorrow. The guys were various shapes and sizes. Had a small version of Mario Lopez (5’7″, 145 pounds), A big bodybuilder (6’4″, 260 pounds), A bulky stud (5’10”, 215 pounds) and an average build (5’9″, 170 pounds). Definitely enjoyed the variety. Was a tad difficult given that English wasn’t the first language for a few of the guys, so you can imagine the potential struggles we had when I was coaching them through the moves, video ideas and more. Mini Mario Lopez couldn’t stop smiling. He was having a great time being worked over by guys like Joey Nux & Chace LaChance.

Ron Sexton came by the shoot to hang out that day. Always cool to be around Ron. Even after all the stuff he’s seen over the years, I think he was entertained by some of what he saw, which says a lot. The previous day we had a “meeting” about what I was looking for regarding upgrades to the site and we caught the WWE Royal Rumble. Although, it wasn’t as engaging as years prior. Hopefully, WrestleMania is a bit better.

I’ve been getting into collegiate wrestling a lot lately, especially with this wrestler Austin DeSanto. He’s a cocky guy, but has been whooping ass lately. Well, except for his match with Daton Fix (I think that is his name). Only a couple more weeks before the NCAA Championships. Hoping to see DeSanto make it to the Championship Finals.

Did a make up shoot in Boston due to the last batch of videos I filmed there not having audio. I’m still working on getting the non-audio videos up for sale, but I expect that to happen in March sometime. Maybe April. It’s kind of fun making you wait and hearing that you’re anxious to see things

The shoot went well enough, but I had a lot of flakes and cancellations. What is it lately? Chet Chastain canceled the night before due to a family emergency. I’m not sure how accurate that is but it’s becoming very common that he cancels…even Jonny Firestorm confirmed it. Tyler Royce no-showed and has still yet to respond to my messages about if he’s coming to the shoot (that was almost 3 weeks ago now). Rumor is he broke his ankle at a small-time wrestling event, but he could at least say something to me, you know? Braden also canceled. He said he had to go into work due to a snow storm or something. I don’t know. People are funny sometimes. I’m not too worried. I plan to spend about 6 weeks up north this summer, so I’ll hopefully have those guys actually show up to a shoot. Had a 4th dude flake completely. I messaged him the night before and he stated it slipped his mind. Oh well!

I’m looking to shoot in April. Need some fresh superhero videos to go with the others that I have. Gotta keep things fresh. I’ll do another shoot in May out in Los Angeles, or at least that’s the plan. You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men…

I’ve been sick since Friday, so been spending a lot of time in bed resting. I decided I’d take a week off from any sort of working and, of course, a couple days in I’m under the weather. That’s life though. I don’t think I’ve officially taken time off from “work” in many years. I do a fair amount of traveling, but it’s usually associated with work or meeting new talent or wrestling. Was nice to just sit at home and going to the beach. Was aiming to read 3 books, but since I’ve been ill, my head is too foggy to focus, so I’ve just been watching Netflix and documentaries.

Have you seen “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood”? I won’t do it justice explaining it, but basically it’s about this dude from the 40s/50s who used to hook up Hollywood folks (producers, celebs, writers) and even Royalty with men and women for sexual escapades. He had some great stories and a great attitude towards sexuality. Debating on if I want to pick up the book, but I imagine it’s just more of the same…and I have like 40 books sitting around my house that I want to read already. I’m in the middle of 3 right now.

I’m heading to Nashville this weekend for a friend’s birthday. Let me know if you’re floating around and maybe we can link up for some wrestling fun. I’ll be back in the Northeast for my Grandma’s b-day at the end of March then who knows from there. It’s a great benefit to work from a computer and a camera. I can work just about anywhere…as long as I have a place to crash.

Finally above freezing temps here in Florida…it’s was hanging in the 60s during the day for a while. That was brutal It’s weird what feels cold and what doesn’t. When I was up north for a weekend recently, I had no problem dealing with 35 degree weather, but 65 in Florida is different to me.

I think I’m rambling now and probably getting boring. Maybe in the future I should just answer questions from you (and others) on this blog. Like a Q&A. I don’t know…just a thought. I’m gonna go now before I just blah blah blah you to death.

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