Zach Reno vs. Will Favero vs. Kenny Dean

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We get an eyeful of one hard-bodied bruiser, Kenny Dean, stretching before the big match. A slow turn of the camera reveals his opponent, hot and hairy Zach Reno, sporting his to-the-minute man-bun and beard. This oughta be good. But wait...the camera keeps moving, revealing a third fighter, Will Favero, ready to inflict some pain. This ring just just a helluva lot smaller.

Like clockwork, this trio of cut contenders meets in the middle in a barbaric fingerlock test of strength, like the twisted version of some innocent circle game that has each adversary straining and striving to put the pain on any man he can get his hands on. Black boots and muscular legs get so entwined it’s nearly impossible to tell where one hostile fighter begins and another one ends. 

Reno and Favero gang up on Dean, forcing the long-haired hero to his knees, before Reno turns the heat around on Favero, trapping him in a killer headlock. Dean plows into the fighting duo, resulting in a dogpile of muscle, masculinity, and combative excellence. One brutal Boston Crab has Favero reaching for Reno like a tag team partner, only to have Reno throw himself into the fray to clamp a vicious headlock on the already struggling stud. 

Enmities and allegiances turn around and change within seconds. Holds and combinations defy description. In one moment Favero finds himself trapped between Kenny and Reno, practically split in two like a wishbone as the taller athletes work together to end him, only to wriggle free, opening the door for Reno and Dean to tear each other apart in a rush of unbridled hair while their former victim recovers in a corner. 

Executed with the frenetic energy of a youthful living room scrap performed by mythological titans, complete with all the tossing and rolling and rumbling rivalries, the action here never ends, and every possible combination of competitor is matched up and made to suffer gloriously.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes 

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