Zach Reno vs. Wes Ratchett

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Zach Reno can’t get a break.  After being punished in the ring, there’s still no safety in the locker room.  The kid has a hot little body and a real spirit, but he could never wrench the alpha dog position from someone like Wes Ratchett.  Wes has the kind of eyes you hope are never staring at you.  Even when he’s relatively calm, it’s obvious this is a man with the devil inside.  And he likes that, and showing his opponents it’s true.  Barely five minutes into this changing room clash, the usually long-lasting Zach is begging Wes to let him go.  As if.  That plea gets answered with a slam into the lockers, a boot to the neck, and an ankle lock and wishbone.  

Zach starts pleading for a move to the ring.  Maybe he thinks with a little more room, he can use his trademarked speed to gain some advantage.  The sleeper hold as Wes stares at the camera like Jack Nicholson in the Shining should give you the answer to that plea.  Wes alternates between growling like a junk yard dog and hissing like a snake, while he puts Zach through his paces with painfully long and torturous old school submission holds.  A seated surfboard is just one of the moves not to be missed.

Most guys would have passed out by now from the pain of this non-stop brutalization.  But like we said, this kid has spirit.  And Wes is going to do all he can to sap it.  Permanently.

Run Time: 18 minutes, 51 seconds

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