Zach Reno vs. Teddy Trouble

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Zach Reno is likely licking his wounds after another trip to jobber-ville, and just wants to get dressed and relax.  But hiding in the shower is the always devious Teddy Trouble.  He has other plans for Zach.  And none of them are relaxing.  Zach is known for his agility and using the whole ring, so he may not be able to get much traction in the closed confines of the locker room.  Teddy can work any room, and he’s got the bulk here, as compared to Zach’s leaner, tighter frame.  Zach is soon bouncing head-first off the lockers and being subjected to fists, elbows, kicks, and submissions.  A nice chin lock has him reaching desperately for a way out.

Teddy seems to think Zach promised him some grappling in the shower room, and Zach calls him an asshole.  Probably not wise, when you are so obviously outmatched.  For his transgression, Teddy drags Zach out of the locker room and throws him into the ring, the site of so much previous humiliation.  Still, Zach has too much pride to just quit.  Teddy wraps him up in the ropes, helpless, and begins a potent assault on Zach’s chest and abs.  When that stops giving him evil pleasure, he yanks up Zach’s trunks, exposing some pubes and that sensitive area between your junk and your hip, and lands his elbow hard — more than once. Zach is leaning halfway out of the ring, on his back, so it’s the perfect time to plant a boot on his impressive crotch and gas pedal it.  

Teddy announces, “You’re not going to be able to shit or piss tomorrow, because I’m warning you, it’s going to get dirty.”  As if it’s not already?  You just might have some empathy for Zach at that point.  And then out comes the folding metal chair.  W4H fans know that Teddy plays dirty, but he’s going to new lows here.  The chair is the perfect way to keep assaulting those abs and inner thighs, interspersed with some great elbow and cross-body drops, plus arm bars, head locks and figure fours.  One thing’s for sure, Zach won’t be able to sit comfortably for a while after this one.

Run Time: 23 minutes, 19 seconds

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Randy Freeman
More Zach

Love to see Zach job!

Mike T.

ATTENTION, MR. PRODUCER: use THIS ONE as a template for how "Gut Bash" should be done:
1) Handsome, built hero (don't ever say "jobber") STOICALLY suffers an all-out assault on his abdomen, complete with dirty moves, foreign objects, sadistic villainy - check (thank you, Zach, for not whimpering once; Teddy, you also performed beautifully)
2) Keep the dialogue and "drama" to a minimum; SHOW, don't TELL - check
3) Zach's tiny silver trunks were perfection, and with the short hair, he's never looked better

I wish I could tell you WHY this one is so superior; many factors contribute.

Just keep doing this (2-on-1 would also be DYNAMITE) with a new Hero every week - (Joey, Austin, Drew, Lane Hartley (if he'll wear tiny trunks), Jaxton, uh..... CAMERON) and I'll keep buying. I wish I could buy this one twice.

That’s what i call a brawl!

First time i saw teddy trouble was vs. johnny jobber.
Just after few minutes I knew i need to see more of that amazing heel vids.
Teddy even outdone himself, by providing one of the most intense & sadistic vids i saw lately! As a huge fan of one sided matches, have to say this match is awesome! From the non stop action that stars in locker room, till
Its finishing on ring.
Zack reno took basically everything that teddy delivered him,
And watching a hot good looking jobber suffers, by a manly dom heel like teddy
Is mind blowing! Highly recommend for gut punching lovers& slug face! Dont even hesitate buy it !

ABSolutely Entertaining

One of the very best videos where abs are tested to the fullest. Zach's abs are given no mercy throughout the match. The filmography is exceptional with close upfront shots and the shots to his abs are clearly heard. I'm sure Zach's abs were sore for at least a week. Hope W4H offers more of these ab focused videos of Blake Starr and Travis abs being tested to the fullest

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