Zach Reno vs. Mighty Vinny (Pros Up-Close)

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Beefy badass Vinny has happened upon a bottle of baby oil, which he’s all too happy to slide all over his sturdy frame. Zach Reno appears with a yellow polo shirt tucked into his bright green trunks. Wearing sunglasses and glossy black boots, Reno doesn’t seem too impressed by Vinny and his mostly empty bottle of oil. 

“That’s enough,” he says. “This ain’t no Slip n’ Slide. I gotta keep these sunglasses on because you’re so damn shiny.” 

Zach peels off the shirt, staling before the lockup, but once their arms intertwine, that oil on Vinny’s thick torso rubs on lean Zach. After a sloppy struggle for the first submission, Zach finally gets big mouth Vinny in a tight headlock...that Vinny slips right out of. These guys tangle and twist, throwing each other around like total pros, and obviously enjoying the physical contact and playful trash talk. Necks are crushed again and again, and power is flipped and exchanged with ever-changing rapidity. Vinny ensnares Sach in a brief figure four, only to taste the mat a moment later as Zach finally snaps. Oily men are tossed and terrorized, hammered and hurt in hair pulling humiliation moves and athletic displays of superiority. Who will win, the oily big mouth, or the sunglasses wearing stud?   

Total Runtime: 24 minutes, 43 seconds

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