Zach Reno vs. Mark Muscle & Zach Altovito (My Nuts, Bro)

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24 inch arms. Thighs of solid rock. Altovito and Mark Muscle are like ogres from a fantasy movie, the kind that can’t be brought down by anything but a full army, and sometimes not even then. 

Enter small, scrappy, total pro Zach Reno. He may be child sized compared to the jacked duo, but this 150 pounder doesn’t mind being curled, benched, and passed around. Hell, he looks like he enjoys it. He’s almost swung like a kettlebell at one point (and I’m not ashamed to say you can hear me laughing behind the camera at the ridiculousness of it all!). 

Reno points out which beast is weaker, then urges them to flex for him, giving you a prime show of these rough, torn up bodies, and one pretty extreme case of toenail fungus. Hey, this is realness here. Zach knows he can outsmart these giants, and he finds every man’s weakness, a nice, solid ball strike. Both big boys fall like trees after “timber!” Can this tiny, intelligent David keep the upper hand over these two goofy Goliaths ?

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 13 seconds

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