Zach Reno vs. Mark Muscle (2022)

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Mark Muscle is on the mats doing what he does best, flexing and posing and admiring his own body.  Soon, in the background, we see Zach Reno who is looking at Mark as he goes about his posing.  Zach, however, is simply waiting for the bathroom to become free.  Mark doesn't believe this and thinks Zach was just doing a little voyeurism at Mark's expense.  Naturally, Mark doesn't like this and grabs Zach by the neck, dragging him to the mat.  Protest though he might, Zach screams he is just waiting for the bathroom and he would never just watch Mark from afar.
In retaliation, Mark gives Zach a close up view of his chest, shoving Zach's face in between his enormous pecs.  When he finally lets Zach go, Zach moves towards the bathroom, but as Mark turns around, Zach blindsides Mark with a pair of double axe handles to Mark's upper back, causing Mark to fall to the mat.  With the big man down, Zach now goes about the task of taking the big man apart, piece by piece.  Blows to the side of the head, to the stomach and then wrenching Mark's arm behind his back lead to a sleeper hold that puts Mark out for the count.
A couple of blows to Mark's legs and a knee or two to Mark's crotch and the big man is now rolling in pain, at which point Zach decides to relieve Mark of his singlet and strip him down to just a tiny pair of blue speedos.  Spreading Mark's legs as wide as they will go, Zach then grabs ahold of Mark's manhood and twists until Mark can't take it anymore.  A final camel clutch followed by one last sleeper hold and Mark is down for the count.  Zach berates Mark and tells him he needs to clean up the area when he awakes, since he lost.
If you enjoy watching a smaller guy totally own a huge man, this will be right up your alley!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 40 seconds

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