Zach Reno vs. Guido Genatto (Unleashed)

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The most excellent mat work of both Guido Genatto and Zach Reno provides some of the most brutal, brilliant, and entertaining brawling our company has produced. Watching these two tangle is a total pleasure, as these differently proportioned, hairy heroes contend for top man. 

Reno may be smaller and slimmer that the robustly muscled Genatto, but he’s no pushover, as he locks up with Genatto in a fairly even struggle for supremacy that has both men sprawling and straining to gain the first advantage. Genatto gains a schoolboy pin that Reno is helpless to resist, grinds his crotch in Reno’s face with hot-blooded aggression. 

Reno finds himself trapped in a camel clutch that has him tapping like a bitch, which Genatto sadistically ignores, stretching Reno’s stomach muscles to the limit. Soon Reno finds himself bent backwards over Genatto’s well-muscled back, kicking legs like an overturned turtle. Reno inflicts a debilitating armbar, which Genatto returns ten fold, adding in the element of abdominal abuse, which sees Reno’s face twisting in agony. 

Now Genatto turns on the heat, and his inspiring commitment to the art of wrestling, which unites us all, starting with a complete torture scorpion like something out of mythology. 

“THIS is fuckin WRESTLING!” Genatto roars. “Everybody wants to talk about posing! Everybody wants to talk about looks! I’m the best fucking WRESTLER!”  

And nobody will ever forget it.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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