Zach Reno vs. Guido Genatto (Knock Outs)

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Watching these two hairy, hostile hunks put the hurt on each other is everything, as Guido Genatto slices into Zach Reno like a dainty piece of cake in what quickly becomes a submission match that concludes quickly with a devastating sleeper.

“That’s one for the filthy father,” Genatto laughs, standing over Reno’s pathetically fallen frame. But Reno has taken a beating before, and he gets back up, only to find his head hammered once again within the bigger man’s clenched sleeper with a powerful bicep buried deep in his bitchass neck. 

What follows is a cavalcade of cobra clutches, chokes, stifling strangulation, and throttling neck and throat abuse, including a torturous time of Genatto literally standing on Reno’s neck, booted feet brutalizing his weakened windpipe. Reno’s weakness fuels Genatto’s agression. Reno’s every stumble, cry, sob, and moan only seems to feed Genatto’s need to crush Reno’s head. 

“I’m the king. I’m the daddy. You ain’t shit, bitch!” 

Nobody loves inflicting agony quite like Genatto, and nobody passes out the pain with more rugged ruthlessness, in this series of sleepers that leaves Reno seeing stars.

Total Run-time: 31 minutes

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Total turn on

If you are into multiple hot sleepers , these 2 wrestlers, Guido trash talk and ultimately seeing Guido get a total hardon from subduing Reno this is a must see. Hard as can be !

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