Zach Reno vs. Flash LaCash (Pros Up-Close)

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Reno and Flash stand face-to-face, toe-to-toe, nose-to-nose, ego-to-ego, in the center of the ring. A double-handed shove...the stereophonic smack of flesh on flesh...a sneer...a sheepish grin.  No fancy dialogue. No detailed storyline. This ain’t no neatly choreographed dance. This is man vs. man. They’re not just gonna fight...they’re gonna fuck each other up! 

Reno is the smaller scrapper, faster, and more agile, for all the good it does him. Flash is a beast, all too happy to throw the hairy hero around the ring. Elbow to face, a shocked Reno is thrown head over heels, but recovers quickly, only to find himself trapped between Flash’s legs having his pecs brutalized. And that’s only the beginning...

Reno’s hair takes a beating too as Flash practically rips it out of his head, only to let go and tie the furry fighter up with his own long arms. It’s literally one hold after another and the action NEVER STOPS in this match of high flying throws, breath-taking bodyslams, and twisted floor work, including a camel clutch that would make a brick wall tap out. 

Watch as Flash all but mops the floor with a completely destroyed Zach Reno. Can Reno recover? Which wrestling warrior will finish his opponent in a perfect pin, uttering the epic words “one...two...three, motherfucker!” ?

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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