Zach Reno vs. Ethan Andrews (NHB Fights - 2022)

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Ethan Andrews (5'11", 170 lbs, Wisconsin)
Zach Reno (5'6", 160 lbs, New Jersey)
To say that Zach Reno and Ethan Andrews are familiar with other in the ring or on the mat is an understatement.  The pair have met many times, not only in W4H, but in other underground wrestling venues as well.  So when the pair look at other here across the mat for an NHB style match, you can be assured it will be entertaining.  The thing about NHB wrestling is that it is grappling in its purest form.  Good old fashioned mat wrestling, where the goal is not to necessarily hurt or trash talk your opponent, but rather, simply to score more submissions over them within a preset period of time.
The battle starts fast and furious because although the duo are familiar with each other, there is always a feeling out period to see exactly what tact or plan your opponent has decided to break out in this battle.  Ethan holds the advantage in that he has some MMA experience.  Ethan brings all that to bear in the opening stages of the bout as he quickly scores a tap out over Zach.  Back and forth the pair go, matching hold for hold, their bodies entwined in various holds, until the tap outs start to accumulate for Ethan while Zach is finding it hard to achieve even a single tap out of Ethan.
Not for lack of trying though.  In one fall, Zach has a head lock on Ethan for so long that his entire face and head turn a bright red, and yet he still refuses to tap out.  Ethan always feels as though he has a move to reverse whatever Zach places on him, and for the most part he does.  Will Zach manage to get even a single fall over Ethan, or with Ethan pitch a shut out over the ring veteran and score an elusive accomplishment where his opponent is totally blanked out.  Two ring veterans going at it on the mat tooth and nail, and you the viewer are the beneficiary!  
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 57 seconds

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