Zach Reno vs. Cash (Oil Wrestling)

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Let's be honest, neither Cash nor Zach Reno need oil to make their bodies look incredible.  So when the two step onto the mat and Cash has a bottle of oil in his hands, anything that is added to the pair is simply eye candy....A LOT of eye candy.  Cash tells Zach that oil makes a person's muscles look twice as big, something Zach is eager to try out and admits that it may be true as he lets Cash cover him in the liquid.  As his skin gets shinier and shinier, Zach seems more and more impressed.
Cash has the advantage here though, as he has more experience in oil wrestling.  The early moments of this match reflect that advantage as he twists, turns, pulls and stretches Zach, in an effort to demoralize him and score the overall victory.  But Zach is a wily veteran, who although he may not have a ton of oil experience certainly has years of overall underground experience, and he uses that to maximum effect as the match drags on.  Cash soon fins that his inability to put Zach out for the count may come back to haunt him.
Zach also gives a fair amount of size and weight to Cash as well, however, if you have ever seen Zach wrestle, you know that he is more than able and qualified to use his skills to even the odds when he does forfeit the size advantage.  As time rolls on in this bout, it becomes apparent that everything Zach has learned in his underground wrestling career serves him well.  The only question is has the beating he took in the opening moments of the bout left him too weak, or can he rally to achieve the pinfall.  You'll have to watch to find out!
TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 56 seconds

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