Zach Altovito vs. Ethan Andrews & Zach Reno

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If I was to ask you what you think the outcome of a match between two underground wrestling veterans - Zach Reno and Ethan Andrews, and someone who although big and powerful - Zach Altovito, has limited wrestling experience, I think the prevailing opinion would be that the pair of veterans would have a decided advantage.  You would not be wrong, however, the great thing about wrestling is that you can't always just look at how things appear on its surface, there are multiple factors that go into who actually reigns victorious in the end.
The match starts with Ethan posing for the camera, until he is joined behind by someone who puts his display to shame, Zach Altovito.  With muscles on top of muscles, Zach's physique is not only impressive, but overwhelming.  Ethan, not impressed, gets right in Zach's face and soon he finds that that was the absolute wrong move.  Before long, he is in a vice-like full nelson, followed by a bearhug the likes of which he has seldom experienced.  He gets some relief when his friend, Zach Reno, blindsides Zach and the two go to work on the big man.
The thing about big men, you need to put them down quickly, and for good, or things have a tendency to boomerang back at you.  The pair fail to deliver the absolute blow and soon Zach recovers and comes back at both of them twice as hard.  He puts the pair in a double bearhug, has the duo lying on top of each other as he wrenches their backs upwards and backwards.  Double head locks bring pain to the now down on their luck pair.  Although they do manage to recover at time (with the assist from some well timed low blows), in the end, the power of Zach proves to be too much.  A great 2 on 1 gone wrong by two ring veterans, I think they might try a different tack next time!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 54 seconds

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