Zach Altovito vs. Sid Shaw

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One can never get tired of seeing Zach Altovito pose and flex.  A true gorgeous specimen of a man, he has worked hard to get where he is, and it shows in each popping muscle and tendon on his body.  Enter into the picture Sid Shaw, "Sadistic" Sid Shaw as he reminds Zach, who, although appreciative of Zach's outstanding physique, does not think it will stand up to what Sid has planned for it.  Unfortunately for Sid, Zach makes the first move and things do not begin well for Sid.  On the defense from the start, he quickly becomes victim to a powerful bearhug by the larger Altovito.
If there is one thing that Sid has shown in his bouts here in W4H though, it is that he is resilient.  One had better put him down quickly and for good, or he comes back twice as hard as whoever came at him first.  That is why he delivers not one, but two low blows to bring the big Altovito down to the mat.  Leg scissors, headlocks and sleeper holds all work to keep the big man dazed and confused.  When he does go out, Sid takes a few moments to do his trademark smelling of his opponent.  Perhaps he is able to actually smell that elusive smell of victory that has been alluded to in battles.
He does wake Zach several times however, only to set upon him once again.  He does not want Zach to get his bearings back too much, he needs to keep the bigger man always a little off balance, unable to truly mount any offense and turn the tide in the bout.  Even when the match has officially ended, Sid grabs some chloroform and, unbeknownst to Zach, stuffs it in his face to force him back to unconsciousness once again. 
Another prime example of Sid Shaw living up to his nickname of "Sadistic" and of a big man being totally owned by a little opponent. 
You'll love this one!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 43 seconds

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