Zach Altovito vs. Raging Beast vs. Tristan Baldwin

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What starts as Bro Battle’s newest find, Raging Beast, flexing and posing for the camera, quickly turns into a “anything you can show I can show more” when the arrogance of Tristan Baldwin is included. Soon the two are nose to nose, muscle to muscle in comparison. A test of strength has one fighter on their knees and then a quick kick to the mid-section gives control to one stud. A quick arm wrestling contest is quickly decided and then the action truly intensifies.

Back and forth the combatants go trading power move for power move as Zach Altovito saunters in to get a birds-eye view of the action. When a winner between Baldwin and Raging Beast is finally decided, Zach inserts himself into the fight to blindside the previous victor. He quickly puts the muscled stud to sleep and then he teams up with the previous loser to truly put the hurt on the third fighter.

Alliances are made, double teams are carried out, backs are squeezed, pecs are tortured and one fighter’s confidence is quickly gone. Although there is one clear loser in this 3-man battle, the true winner is you the viewer.

Total Running Time: 32 minutes, 14 seconds

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