Zach Altovito vs. Nick Justice (Guest Ref)

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Zach Altovito has that massive bodybuilder look that likely causes some good people to write bad checks. He’s a mountain of muscle, bearded and furred, and he’s not going to take any of Nick Justice’s crap. Fans of Justice know there is nothing that scares him. He’s not a mountain, but he’s not a pipsqueak either. Still, he decided he needed an extra measure of protection for this one. Right after Zach drops Justice to the mat, Ref Slade Gorman surprises Zach with chloroform, felling Zach easily. It turns out that Ref has become a minion of Justice, and is under Justice’s control. 

With Zach knocked out, Justice can freely let loose with his special brand of evil sadism. From a Boston crab, to arm bars, cross-faces, figure-fours and especially brutal claws to the inner thigh, Zach is turned into one big pinata. But as much as Justice is known as a sadist, with each new match he seems to become more of a masochist. As an example, with Zach in a submission hold, he orders Ref to twist Zach’s nipples, and then tells Ref to twist his, too. Justice seems to truly delight in his own pain. About half way through this torture trip, Justice gives Zach a chance, telling the big hulk to bear hug him. That may have been a mistake, because Zach is a true crusher. With this advantage, he weakens Justice so that he can get in some painful payback. But his moment of glory is cut short by an eye gouge – and then another dose of chloroform from Ref. That gives Justice the perfect opportunity to plant his boot 

squarely on Zach’s crotch and pull those massive legs skyward. With Zach subdued, Justice makes the bizarre choice to chloroform himself, just to see what it’s like. It only makes him even crazier and more sadistic, and just wait until you see the finishing move right between Justice’s legs. Come for the muscle, stay for the pain. 

Run-time: 21 minutes, 43 seconds

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