Zach Altovito vs. John Wolfboy

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If you think that Zach Altovito is twice as large as he was the last time you saw him, rest assured, your eyes are not playing games on you.  He really is.  Muscles on top of muscles.  So when John Wolfboy shows up to face him, it is the literal definition of David vs. Goliath.  However, if you remember, David did pretty well in that contest, and the same holds true for John Wolfboy here.  Immediately getting the big man off his feet, John stays on Zach fast and furious, knowing that a big man on the mat is at a severe disadvantage.
One of the first things John does to the bodybuilder is put him to sleep.  It will not be the last time John does that to Zach in this match.  While he is sleeping, John realizes one of his biggest obstacles is his being able to move and control the big man, John finds Zach's legs so large and heavy that he can barely lift on leg and turn him over for a modified Boston crab.  When he finally does get him over, Zach finds the pain incredibly intense and John then switches to once again restrict the airflow so that Zach will once again drift off to dreamland.
And arm bar on a prone Zach and the excellence use of his own well defined thighs get wrapped around Zach's head, as his face slowly turns red from the pressure.  Asleep, once again.  When Zach does wake up and asks, "What day is it?" John replies, "The day you lost to me."  When John brings a chair into the ring he forces Zach to sit in it and slaps on another sleeper hold.  Dragon sleepers turn into a camel clutch that morphs into more head scissors and Zach once again nods off.  John tells Zach that he severely underestimated him, which is the understatement of the year.  If you enjoy seeing a big man totally manhandled by a smaller guy, you will absolutely love this match!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 53 seconds

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