Zach Altovito vs. Joey Nux (Mat Rats)

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Ever seen one of those old gladiator movies? Two bodybuilders literally rippling with muscles go at it in sand or dirt, all sandals and loincloths and badly dubbed dialogue? Well, Joey Nux and Zach Altovito look like they stepped right out of the silver screen and slipped into some modern day speedos. These hot and hairy musclegods have abs, pecs, biceps, and back muscles for day, and it’s a total tease to watch them lock up, tumble down, and roll around like a pair of schoolboys on steroids. 

Huge thigh muscles twist and tangle...heavy biceps crush and flex...cavernous armpits are exposed as meaty wrists are pinned above heads and against mats. 

Soon these Goliaths are sweating and straining, ragged of breath and exhausted in face. Joey serves up a heaping helping of armpit to Zach’s hungry mouth, making him nearly tap. Joey follows up the armpit course with a generous serving of balls that leaves the bigger brute punching the floor for mercy.

Again and again these titans lock up and give, accompanied by the music of other bouts in the background. Feet are twisted, ankles are nearly snapped, necks are strained against, and two massive muscle men beat, batter, roll, and rage against each other in this fight of true gladiator gods!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 15 minutes, 27 seconds

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A piece of art erotica

This match brought me to W4H.Ground work,big muscles working hard and squeezing to the exhaustion,thickly builted hairy machos covered in sweat.Pure piece of art erotica,after all who is interested in fight itself?Congrats to director and camera guy who got these idea.

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