Zach Altovito vs. Blake Starr (Guest Ref)

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The run-time of this match is 20:20, but you don’t need perfect vision to see why Zach Altovito has featured in so many Wrestler4Hire videos. That is one massive dude. Even more bulked up since the last time you saw him, he’s just a wall of muscle, and with the right amount of fur to make anyone growl. Zach has fallen victim to some of our most notorious sado-heels over the years, but there’s just no way that he won’t dominate Blake Starr. Starr has a fitness mag body, but it’s impossible to look anything but puny next to a hulk. Ref Slade Gorman is going to spend most of his time making sure Starr will be able to walk after this one. 

Zach is going to ram, slam, chop, and claw Starr into total submission. And these aren’t bear hugs, they are Zach hugs, because we’re pretty sure even a Grizzly would defer to Zach’s dominance. The only thing that saves Starr from being crushed into little pieces in this match is that Zach had enough punishing fun for the day. After one last crushing double ax handle drop across Starr’s back, he tells Ref, “He’s all yours.” Fans know that Ref usually has wrestling trunks under his referee outfit, and that he isn’t shy about jumping into the action. They also know that Ref is the rare older guy who has kept in fantastic, ripped shape, and that he’s no slouch in the ring. Ref always seems to have a thing for Starr, so what better time to take advantage than when Starr has just been completely bashed. 

With his own tree trunk thigh firmly planted in Starr’s back, Ref immobilizes him with an inverted facelock and goes to town on his washboard abs and chiseled pecs. When he’s done with that position, he drops Starr to the mat so he can get in some boot kicks, before dragging Starr by the hair so that he can set him for a Boston crab. And we think you’ll hear Starr’s inner thigh muscles ripping as Ref stretches him into a super extreme wishbone. There’s no doubt Starr is going down for the count, twice in one match. 

Run-time: 20 minutes, 20 seconds

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