Z-Man vs. KARN

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Z-Man and KARN represent two very different forms of sexual energy. Z-Man’s the hairless, glossy, cut pretty-boy. KARN’s the wolf-like, tatted, bearded stud with a sense of humor. Each offers a uniquely sensual wrestling style, as their equally powerful bodies fumble for the advantage, or stretch into positions of total humiliation or strength.

KARN drives Z-Man’s face into his own knee, then pounds him hard before taking a handful of that pretty-boy hair and bending him over his lag to claw those spray-tanned abs. Legs are twisted and tangled like wet ropes, boots are used for leverage to inflict further pain. Z-Man tries to crawl away from his hairy opponent, then dives back in to torture his arms and abs with fists and feet.

But KARN’s got endurance over the pretty-boy, eventually wearing his down so much he’s able to leave him in the middle of the ring to try out some aerial tricks, leaping down from the top rope to crush and humiliate Z-Man further. There’s a poetic beauty in watching Z-Man writhe, beg, and suffer. But can he recover his strength and stamina to get his revenge on KARN, or will he cry like a little baby?  

Run time: 21 minutes, 42 seconds

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