Z-Man vs. Ethan Andrews (My Nuts, Bro)

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It’s cute guy vs. prettyboy, as barefoot Z-Man struts into the ring in khakis and leather jacket. Ethan Andrews wastes no time in using said jacket to hoist Z-Man upwards, while twisting those khaki covered balls like a fucking jammed doorknob, his jaw set in an aggressive silhouette that makes him look like some kind of ball brutalizing hero. 

“You call this wrestling?” Z-Man groans, face firmly planted in the corner ropes. 

“I call it whatever the fuck I want!” snarls Andrews, before applying three violent knee slams to Z-Man’s groin. The bitch collapses, only to find Andrews following up with several well-placed boot stomps to Z-Man’s pathetic package. Suddenly Z-Man is upside down and feeling the full pressure of Andrews’ calf against his wide spread crotch.  

It’s a taint smacking, testicle twisting, penis pulverizing, nutsack squashing, dick destroying romp that ends with one weakened wrestler being carried out of the ring space like a damsel in distress with four of his opponents fingers lacing his orange-clad asshole.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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