Z-Man vs. Drew Harper (Lift & Carry)

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Drew Harper is a rookie with solid tree trunk legs and broad muscular shoulders. So who better to feature in a lift and carry spectacle against Z-Man. You know Z-Man to be the ever ripped, ever ready, handsome jobber with a full head of hair just perfect for grabbing when a heel is asserting his dominance. Today he’s in baby blue posing trunks and looks as good as ever. But all that is lost on Harper. He’s been sizing Z-Man up and tells him straight out that he “seems washed up and old.” Harper has got that cocky, world-beating attitude of youth, but Z-Man has the edge of experience. Unfortunately for Z-Man, that experience is usually made up of pain and humiliation, and this match should be no different. 

After their trash-talk square-off, Harper quickly asserts himself, wrapping those big, meaty arms around Z-Man’s stomach, and lifting Z-Man into a breath consuming bear hug. And so, it begins. They’re about the same height, but Harper has a seemingly unending reserve of brute strength to lift Z-Man completely off the mat, crushing him in bear hugs over and over again. Z-Man’s legs can do nothing but dangle as Harper compresses his ribs and torso hard. 

The other thing that brute strength is good for is the fireman’s carry. Fans of seeing a nearly helpless muscle stud strapped across the back of a he-man, are in for a great ride here. Z-Man is slammed, dropped, and popped, left splayed out on the mat, chest heaving as he tries to catch his breath. Harper is especially adept at over the knee back breakers, and he seems to really enjoy torturing Z-Man, relentlessly applying that painful pressure as he pushes Z-Man’s neck and thighs towards the mat, arching Z-Man’s back towards a certain trip to the chiropractor. Harper may not feel the love for Z-Man, but the camera sure does. Harper’s submissions provide the perfect opportunity to get up close and personal with Z-Man’s flawless physique. Harper may prove to be a rookie you’ll be wanting to see a lot more of. 

Run-time: 20 minutes, 54 seconds

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