Z-Man vs. Dr. X

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As I searched through hours and hour and hours of wrestling matches, I found one that caught my eye. It features a super ripped and super jacked looking Z-Man taking on a masked stranger. The stranger wears generic black pro trunks, black patent leather pro boots and an old school black mask. This guy could be anybody.

Yes, I know who it is, but I've been sworn to secrecy.

Z-Man beats and stretches the masked Dr. X! A total role reversal than what I'm used to seeing from Zack. I like it! This match is intense and filled with energetic action. Z-Man is on his "A-game."

Dr. X gets a few licks in on the Playgirl Cover Model. Z-Man's abs beg to be clobbered. The masked mystery man isn't in bad shape, either. He looks like he is built for this sport. He moves like he's been in the ring a few times, as well. Who is he, anyway? Hmmm.....

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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