Young Ady vs. Callum MacKenzie (Oil Wrestling)

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If you happened to see Cameron vs. Young Ady (Mud Wrestling), a promission mud match, pouring rain fantasy in Debdale Park, Manchester (and if you haven’t, you really should!) you know this dude is one hell of a wrestler. Captain of the Spotland Scrappers, he’s like the mulleted, European version of Cameron Matthews, with tremendous wrestling aptitude, a hot body, and attitude for days. Watching him casually rip any competition to shreds is like watching a true master at work. It’s just so easy for him, he barely breaks a sweat while mugging for the camera and gleefully shoving his prey face-first into any available mirror while crowing his favorite slur “Pussy!” 

Callum MacKenzie is the very definition of the word “scrappy”, feisty, tenacious, a conqueror at heart, with a boyish face and a hot accent to boot. Attired in white undergear with red trim and the superman emblem, he considers himself king of the wrestlers, oiling up his pale body in an attempt to lord his superiority over Young Ady. Of course Young Ady is never to be outdone, oiling up his impressive abs, thighs, and biceps. 

Soon both men are engaged in a rough and tumble humiliation match, rolling around like cats in an alley one minute, thumping oiled up chests like frat bros the next, all the while hurling insults about the others bodies, brains, and more. Soon Young Ady’s had enough, and fists start flying into unclenched stomachs, unprepared packages, until both men are left gasping and in agony. Will MacKenzie life up to his self-proclaimed title of king, or will Ady reign supreme as King of Oil?

Total Run-time: 25 munutes

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