Will Favero vs. Matt Blakewood vs. Kuro

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If the thought of two skilled scrappers going at it makes your head explode, try adding a third titan to the clash. You can practically taste the aggression, as martial arts expert Kuro leaps into a three-way fray with proficient badass Will Favero and meticulous masochist Matt Blakewood. 

Kuro’s elegant flips and footwork seems to piss Favero off, and Blakewood wisely steps aside to let the other two bellicose patriots lock up, only to throw himself unabashedly into the action, clenching his powerful arms around Kuro’s muscular torso. Blakewood’s fighting Kuro! Kuro’s muscling Favero down to the mat! Favero’s igniting like a firework, blasting fire and light in every direction. 

There are battles within battles here, but the rage between Favero and Kuro takes center stage. Each time these two break apart, they glare at each other with the heat of a thousand suns, before slamming together with the audible smack of muscle on muscle. Even with Blakewood plowing into the action like a five-foot-four cannonball, Kuro and Favero only have eyes for each other, and they’re going to rip each other to shreds!

Favero gains the upper hand, as he and Blakewood introduce Kuro’s face to the mat, yanking his head up by his inky black hair in doublefisted handfuls until he begs for release. The bearded bros seems to find a connection in brutalizing Kuro, who never once pleads for submission without immediately firing back at his attackers with everything he has to offer.  

This is pure ground fighting in its rawest of forms, with vicious leg locks, sleepers, open handed slaps, multiple pathetic submissions, and raging aggression. Gone is the brotherly teasing seen elsewhere. No playful insults here. Only three dudes in one hell of a rough rumpus. Raw-voiced, raw-tempered, demanding submissions like furious foes in a rollicking schoolyard tussle that nobody’s going to break up anytime soon.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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