White Wolf vs. Tsunami

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Sometimes a hero and villain just happen upon one another. There is no master devious plan the villain is trying to execute, and no hero swooping in at the last moment to defeat him. Sometimes the two just happen upon one another and because each is who they are, that is enough for the pair to have at one another….hoping that defeat the other now means less resistance to their plans in the future.

Our hero is decidedly on top as the battle begins, deliver punishing blow after punishing blow to our villain. Repeated chokes have our villain reeling and he is placed in a sleeper hold as our hero hopes to finish the battle quickly. Blows to the midsection further weaken our villain. Our villain didn’t get to where he is without being able to withstand a few setbacks, however. Soon, a couple double axe handle blows to the chest of our hero and fortunes have changed.

Stripped down to a yellow thong, everything our hero had dished out is now returned in an even fiercer fashion. Choke holds, sleepers and more rain down upon the hero, but in true super fashion, good will conquer evil (even if it doesn’t happen all that often in Hero Hunks). Finally able to put the villain in his place, our hero has defeated his enemy and ensured that, at least today, evil will not triumph

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 50 seconds

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