White Wolf vs. Dr. Maniacal & ARMS

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Dr. Maniacal is determined to destroy the city.  But part of the plan is to make sure that there are no nosy heroes nearby who might spoil his plans.  He searches around to make sure he is alone and as he is checking some of his surroundings, he is set upon by our hero, the Patriot, who puts the evil doctor into a full nelson, intent on stopping his plan before he even has a chance to hatch it.  Eventually our villain ia able to escape momentarily, but not before the Patriot shows he is more than up to the task and captures hi again.
Dr. Maniacal knows that he is facing a superior hero and so needs to take some extra steps, and soon he is shoving a cloth drenched in chloroform into the face of the Patriot, rendering him unconscious.  What the Patriot did not know is that Dr. Maniacal also possesses mind control powers, and he has now placed the muscled hero under his control!  From no where appears a second hero, the White Wolf, who cannot believe what he is seeing.  When he tries to attack the villain, Dr. Maniacal instructs his mind controlled Patriot to defend him and attack White Wolf instead.
The situation quickly devolves into a 2 on 1 as White Wolf not only has to try and stop Dr. Maniacal, but also hope to keep the Patriot at bay.  Caught in the Patriot's devastating beahug, White Wolf is quickly stripped down to just a blue thong as both Dr. Maniacal and the Patriot take turns applying very tight ball grabs.  Once White Wolf has been defeated, he is choked out with a rope, and then strung up like so much garbage, left as a warning to other heroes who may attempt to stop Dr. Maniacal's plans...they could end up in a similar or worse situation!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 55 seconds

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