White Wolf vs. Dozer

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Sometimes all it takes for a hero/villain confrontation is for the hero to get right in the face of the villain (who by the way is threatening to burn down the city) and tell them that their reign of terror is over.  Here we have our hero, White Wolf, doing just that to our villain Dozer.  As the two meet on the streets of the city, they immediately become joined in the age old battle of good vs. evil, with an old fashioned test of strength.  As White Wolf starts to win, Dozer submits and claims he will stop doing evil things.  Thinking he has bested Dozer, our hero turns around, only to have our villain pull a syringe out and plunge it deep into White Wolf's neck.
When White Wolf comes to he finds himself trapped in the ring ropes and at Dozer's every whim!  White Wolf takes this opportunity to use his incredible vice like grip on the helpless hero's traps and pecs, causing White Wolf to scream in pain.  When Dozer releases our hero from the ropes, he falls forward, already weakened almost to unconsciousness, but his torture has just begun.  Grabbing White Wolf by the hair, he pulls his head back and attempts to rearrange his face by stretching and pulling his mouth and nose.  
Dozer once more manages to trap White Wolf in the ropes, but this time just his head?  The ring ropes drawn tightly around his neck, White Wold has difficulty staying conscious in this predicament, so much so that Doze has to slap him back to reality.  But it is only momentary as soon Dozer has had enough and pulles the ropes even more closely around the neck of our hero, restricting even more blood and causing White Wolf to finally (permanently?) fade away.  Having had his fun, Dozer exits delighting in his handiwork, off to see what hero dare challenge him next!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 54 seconds

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