White Warrior vs. Dark Demon

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Handsome White Warrior wanders through the Dark Zone, fully prepared to face off with the villainous Dark Demon (Gabe Steele) who left his face scarred. Luckily Dark Demon can usually be found patrolling the area. It’s a white vs. black, good vs. bad battle between two truly resentful rivals. 

Demon slams Warrior from behind with his massive fist, then closes his hands around the struggling hero’s neck, only to toss him onto the floor with total disregard. Arms are wrenched, chests are pounded, and Warriors’s package is practically shoved into the center of the camera shot, jiggling and vulnerable in white speedos. White Warrior escapes and camels Dark Demon, cupping his chin hard and cranking him back in a rage. 

Dark Demon eats the floor, but White Warrior stupidly takes his eyes off of the villain, only to lose his brief advantage and find himself being bound by the big bad guy. Warrior uses a danger sign to knock some wisdom into the villain. Dark Demon is seething, punches White Warrior in the guts, grabs his hair, and forces him to rise and beg for mercy. 

In turn, Dark Demon is abused with a metal folding chair, sat on top of, gut bashed, and even fondled by the hero. He goes for the hero’s face, once again damaging him extensively. They go at each other like rabid dogs, every moment more desperate than the last. Who will win this stylish hero/villain fight? 

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 42 seconds

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